Crochet Heart Animals Appliques


Crochet Heart Shaped Animals

I am doing a lot of crafts with kids and one of the favorite kids craft is making heart shaped animals.  Some of them are inspired by the book “My Heart is Like a Zoo” by Michael Hall.

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One day I was thinking: How will those Heart Animals look if I make them with crocheted hearts?  And I came up with these appliques.

To make these heart animals I was using crocheted hearts in 3 sizes.  In my Free Crochet Patterns you can find  Pattern for the Crochet Hearts Appliques.  Using those basic patterns, you can experiment with different hook sizes, threads or yarns with different weight to obtain different sizes of your hearts.  Then you just sew hearts together in shape of the animal.  

Also in my Free Patterns you can find instruction for the Butterfly,

Crochet Butterfly Applique

Crochet Caterpillar

Crochet Elephant Applique

Crochet seal applique

and Fish.

Crochet Fish Applique

I hope you will enjoy my Crochet Heart Animals!


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  1. nariman owes
    06/20/2015 / 6:28 am

    so pretty work

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