Homemade Berry Drink – Kompot

Homemade Berry Drink – Kompot

Kompot is a drink made with fruits and berries. It is traditional drink in Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria and some other Eastern European countries. You can use any combination of fruits and berries to make kompot. I was using fresh berries during berry season but you also can use frozen berries.

Ingredients:Homemade Berry Drink – Kompot - Ingredients

– 1 pint of strawberries
1 cup sour cherries
– 1 cup raspberries
1 cup blueberries
1 cup blackberries
½ cup sugar
4 qt water




Wash berries, pit the cherries, cut large strawberries in halves. If you are using fruits- wash them; apples and pears – slice them into 4 to 6 pieces each, remove cores; apricots, peaches – cut in halves, remove the pits.

Bring 4 qt of water to a boil. Add berries and bring water back to boil.

Simmer lightly for about 15-20 min, add sugar. Taste and add more sugar if needed.

 Homemade Berry Drink – Kompot

Turn heat off, cover pot with a lid and let kompot cool down.Strain off kompot and refrigerate. Serve chilled.


Homemade Berry Drink – Kompot
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