Caterpillar Sandwich


 Caterpillar Sandwich

If your child loves the book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle, he will love this sandwich.  Make this sandwich as a surprise or have fun making it together with your child.


You need:

– 1 slice of toasted breadCaterpillar Sandwich
1 piece of deli meat of your choice (chicken, turkey or ham)
– 1 piece of yellow (or orange) cheese
– Butter, mayonnaise or  salad dressing
– 1 black olive
– 2 cucumbers – 1large and 1 small


– Knife
– Kitchen scissors
– Cookie cutter in the shape of a leaf




1. Take a piece of toasted bread and spread butter, mayo or your favorite salad dressing over it.

2. Put a piece of meat on top. Caterpillar Sandwich

3. Put a piece of cheese on top.

4. With knife slice small cucumber in rounds.

5. With knife cut large cucumber in half lengthwise. From one half make a slice for the leaf. With cookie cutter cut leaf out of this slice.

6. With knife (or scissors) cut tiny pieces of olive for eyes, mouth, antennas and feet.

7. Put leaf on the bottom of sandwich. Assemble caterpillar as in the photo.

Let your child enjoy the sandwich!

 Caterpillar Sandwich

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