Crochet Wall Art – Fall

Crochet Wall Hanging - Fall

One of the wonderful things about living in northern climes is Fall. Nature puts on a brilliant display of Fall colors on trees and shrubs. This beauty usually will last only for a few weeks and you are trying to capture this moment by taking photos or drawing pictures. If you know how to crochet, you can capture this beautiful moment of Fall with threads and hook. 

Crochet Wall Art – Fall
Crochet Wall Art – Fall

For the maple tree crochet wall hanging you just need to crochet a tree and a lot of maple leaves in different colors – red, yellow, orange. Then glue your tree and leaves to the canvas, or you can use a picture frame instead.

Crochet Wall Art – FallCrochet Wall Art – Fall
 And here is the oak tree crochet wall hanging.
 Crochet Wall Art Fall

Materials: For the tree I’ve used crochet cotton thread size 3 and for the leaves – crochet cotton thread size 10.   You can experiment with different yarns and hook sizes to achieve different looks.

For the background  I’ve used 9″x12″ canvas frames from the Michaels craft store.

The patterns which I was using for these Crochet Wall Arts can be found in my Etsy shop.

Crochet Wall Art – Fall

The pattern for the tree is here.

Crochet Maple Leaves Pattern
The pattern for the small maple leaves is here.


Crochet Oak Leaves Pattern

And the pattern for the oak leaves is here.

With these Crochet Wall Arts the beauty of the Fall always will be with you!
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