Car and Truck Sandwich

 Car and Truck Sandwich, fun food

This is a sandwich for boys. I’ve never met a boy who would not like to play with toy cars. But what about eating sandwich with the cars?

You need:

– 1 slice of toasted bread
1 piece of deli meat of your choice (chicken, turkey or ham)
Butter, mayonnaise or salad dressing
1 piece of yellow (or orange) cheese
1 piece of white cheese
1 small cucumber
Red and orange bell pepper




1. Take a piece of toasted bread and spread butter, mayo or your favorite salad dressing over it.

2. Put a piece of meat on top.

3. Put a piece of white cheese on top.

4. With the knife slice cucumber in rounds.

5. With the knife cut car and truck out of the yellow (orange) cheese.

6. Cut piece of red and orange pepper for the headlights and backlights.

7. Assemble cars as in the photo.

Let your child enjoy the sandwich!


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