“These Are My Glasses” Sandwich

 Kids Fun Sandwich,  Food Art

“These are my glasses, this is my book

I put on my glasses and open up the book

Now I read, read, read

And I look, look, look

I put down my glasses and

Whoop! Close up the book!”

                                Song by Laurie Berkner

You need:

– 1 slice of toasted bread
2-3 pieces of deli meat of your choice (chicken, turkey or ham)
1 piece of white cheese
Butter, mayonnaise or salad dressing
Yellow or orange bell pepper



1. Take a piece of toasted bread and spread butter, mayo or your favorite salad dressing over it.

2. Put a piece of meat on top.

3. Put a piece of white cheese on top.

4. Cut out from the remaining pieces of meat 6 small squares for the book.

5. Cut out from the olives two circles and two temples for the glasses.

6. With the knife (or scissors) cut tiny pieces of olive for the letters in our book.

7. With the  knife slice pepper choosing naturally curved parts for the corners.

8. Assemble the sandwich as in the photo.

Let your child enjoy the sandwich!

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