Crochet Wall Art – Summer

Summer Crochet Wall Art
This Summer Crochet Wall Art is the last part of my Four Seasons crochet wall art project. A tree with green leaves and colorful flowers represent the summer season.

For this Summer Crochet Wall Art you need to crochet a tree and a lot of flowers in bright summer colors. Then glue your tree and flowers to the canvas.

Crochet Wall Art – Summer

Crochet Wall Art – Summer

Materials: For the tree I’ve used crochet cotton threads size 3 and for the flowers –  crochet cotton threads size 10.   You can experiment with different yarns and hook sizes to achieve different looks. For the background I’ve used 9 x12 canvas frames from the Michaels craft store.

Patterns which I was using for this Crochet Wall Art:

Four Seasons Crochet Wall Art


Pattern for the tree is here.

Crochet Leaf – Irish Lace Motif


Free pattern for the leaves is here.


Easy Crochet Summer Flowers

Free pattern for the flowers is here.

Enjoy your summer!
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