New Pattern – Crochet Tulip Coasters

Crochet Pattern Tulip Coasters


Tulips are one of my favorite flowers. The tulip is a symbol of spring as it is one of the first flowers blossoming after cold winter. Some people think that the tulip represents renewal and reincarnation as you plant it once and it comes back every year.

In our backyard we have tulip which my husband’s grandpa brought from Italy century ago in 1917. It has beautiful red color and it still blooming every spring.




My new pattern is a crochet coaster in a shape of a tulip. You can make this coaster for your home to celebrate tulip season!

Crochet Pattern Tulip Coasters


For my tulip coasters I was using 100% Cotton worsted 4-ply Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn and crochet hook size H/8-5.00 mm. It is made in oval shape and has stem and leaf.


Make coasters in your favorite tulip’s color.


Crochet Pattern Tulip Coaster


You even can make them in blue color if you wish.

Crochet Pattern Tulip Coaster



If you make your tulip with crochet threads, you can use it as appliqué. On the picture small tulip made with crochet cotton threads size 10 and hook size 1.8mm. Large Tulip Coaster is about 6-1/2” tall (including stem) and 4” wide. Small tulip is 2-3/4”tall.


Crochet Pattern Tulip


If you like this Tulip Coaster and would like to make one too, you can find the pattern in MY ETSY SHOP.

Crochet Pattern Tulips Coasters


Thank you and Happy Spring!


Crochet Pattern Tulip Coaster



Crochet Pattern Tulip Coasters



Crochet Pattern Tulip Coasters



Tulip festival

Tulip Festival, Woodburn Oregon


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