Flamingo Sandwich

 Flamingo Sandwich

Another cute sandwich for your child. You will have a lot of fun trying to cut pieces for the flamingo.

You need:

– 1 slice of toasted bread
2 pieces of deli meat of your choice (chicken, turkey, ham)
Butter, mayonnaise or  salad dressing
1 piece of yellow (or orange) cheese
1 piece of white cheese
1 red pepper
1 Black Olive


– Knife
Kitchen scissors
– Cookie cutter in the shape of a heart


1. Take a piece of toasted bread and spread butter, mayonnaise or your favorite salad dressing over it.

2. Put a piece of meat on top.

3. Put a piece of cheese on top.

4. With cookie cutter cut heart out of the second slice of meat.

5. With scissors cut legs and head with neck for the flamingo out of the same piece of meat.

6. With scissors cut fish – bodies and tails out of the yellow (orange) cheese.

7. Cut piece of red pepper for the beak.

8. Cut tiny pieces of olive for the fish’s eyes and slightly bigger piece for the flamingo eye.

Assemble flamingo and fish as in the photo. 

Let your child enjoy the sandwich!

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