Traffic Lights Sandwich

 Traffic Lights Sandwich, fun kids food

Another transportation themed sandwich – traffic lights and a crosswalk. Have fun making it together with your child.

You need:

– 1 slice of toasted bread
1 piece of deli meat of your choice (chicken, turkey or ham)
Butter, mayonnaise or salad dressing
1 piece of yellow (or orange) cheese
1 piece of white cheese
1 large cucumber or green bell pepper
– Red and yellow bell pepper


– Knife
– Kitchen scissors
– Cookie cutter in the shape of a small circle


1. Take a piece of toasted bread and spread butter, mayo or your favorite salad dressing over it.

2. Put a piece of meat on top.

3. Put a piece of white cheese on top.

4. Find the part of a pepper which is relatively flat and with the cookie cutter (or scissors – I was using scissors as my smallest cookie cutter wasn’t small enough) cut out a circle from the red and yellow bell peppers.

5. Slice one flat strip from the cucumber and with the cookie cutter (or scissors) cut out a circle. Or you can use green bell pepper instead.

6. With the knife cut out stripes from yellow (orange) cheese for the crosswalk.

7. Assemble traffic lights and crosswalks as in the photo.

Let your child enjoy the sandwich!

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