Spiral Top Messy Bun Hat

Messy Bun Hat

Last year the Messy Bun Hat was very popular. But what are you suppose to do if you cut your hair and don’t have any more ponytail to go through the hole in the top? I’ve cut my hair shorter and don’t have any more ponytail. So I decided to modify my  Messy Bun Hat  by crocheting spirals on the top.



SC – single crochet

Sl St – slip stitch

St (Sts) – stitch (stitches)


To do that, join yarn to any stitch of the last round of your hat (where the hole is). Crochet a Chain – this depends on how long you want your spirals to be. Consider that because curling, your spirals will be shorter that your chains. For my spirals I made chains in slightly different sizes for a more interesting look – 30, 35 and 40 chains. Also you can crochet spirals in every St or in every other St of last round, it depends on how many spirals you want. I did in every other St.

So, *Chain 30, 3 SC into 2nd chain from the hook and into each chain to the end. Sl St into the same St where you joined yarn. Skip one St of the last row of the hat, Sl St into next St*. Repeat from * to * to the end of the round alternating number of chains.

Fasten off and weave in the ends.

spiral top messy bun hat


You can leave top open – the spirals will cover it, or you can make a tie to close it. To make a tie – crochet a chain with length equal two lengths of spiral plus 12-17 chains for the center. In my case I’ve chained 82 (35 chains twice plus 12 chains).   3 SC into 2nd chain from the hook and into each of the next 34 chains, SC into each of next 12 chains, 3 SC into each of the next chain to the end.

Fasten off and weave in the ends.

Wrap this tie around all spirals to close the hole and tie it up. If you want, you can make a second knot to secure.

Messy Bun Hat

spiral top messy bun hat


Enjoy your Spiral Top Messy Bun Hat!

Messy Bun Hat


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  1. Karen Kerr
    01/02/2018 / 11:55 am

    Where can I find the pattern for the messy bun hat that you have on Pinterest in the lemon lime? I think it’s a shell Stitch but I’m not sure.

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